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ASD Academy offers Cyber Security & Programming Online Courses – Cyber Security, Website Development, Digital marketing , App Development, Computer Forensic.
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Qualify for International coding & bug bounty competitions like google code jam, Hackerone, bug crowd.

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Highest Package Placement

7.5 Lakh P.A.

I am proud that i am the student of ASD Academy. It helped me to achieve my goals in field of cybersecurity. I am thankful to Tapan Sir and Riddhi Mam who always guided me to the path of success.

Pallavi Pipalva

Cybersecurity Expert


Highest Package Placement

7.5 Lakh P.A.

I am proud that i am the student of ASD Academy. It helped me to achieve my goals in field of cybersecurity. I am thankful to Tapan Sir and Riddhi Mam who always guided me to the path of success.

Pallavi Pipalva

Batch 2017-18


Our Top IT Placements

Our Top Placements

Students Around The Globe

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Sagar Jha



Pritee Kumari


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Jewan Rawat


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Abdul Qadir


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Zaan Ali



Pragyan Saikia

Dubai, UAE


Bhrama Prasad

Dammam, KSA


Why choose IT as Career ?


Variety of career choices

Careers vary from a technical writer, web developer, Cybersecurity Expert, chief technology officer and so much more. These jobs require skill, training and a logical thinking process.


You can see what you’re studying

The biggest part of studying information technology is practical. Doing an information technology course, you won’t just learn the theoretical part but also get the opportunity to make things.

Flexible work style

If you prefer working on your own, there are jobs out there in information technology allowing you to do so. You’ll be able to work according to your own schedules.By doing that you’ll grow your skills faster as you’ll be doing more than the usual amount of work.

You’ll earn good money

One of the most positive factors is the amount of money you’ll make. Working yourself up the ladder can enable you to earn great money. Information technology professionals fall under the top ten highest paying jobs in South Africa.

Always in demand

As technology progresses the need for information technology professionals will only increase. And the better your skill set the more in demand your expertise will be. It doesn’t matter in which field of information technology you’re specialising in, there are jobs in this industry.

EC-Council CEH Advisory Board Member

Mr. Tapan Kr. Jha

We are pleased to inform that our C.E.O. Mr. Tapan Kr. Jha with a experience of more than 13 Years is also a respectful Member for the CEH advisory board EC-Council USA. 


EC-Council CEH Advisory Board Member

Mr. Tapan Kr. Jha

We are pleased to inform that our C.E.O. Mr. Tapan Kr. Jha with a experience of more than 13 Years is also a respectful Member for the CEH advisory board EC-Council USA. 


Cyber Security & Programming Online Diploma Program

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Diploma In Cyber Security

  • 1 Year (Training) + 3 Month (Internship)
  • 15 Students per Batch
  • 100% Placement Guarantee 
  • 30 Seats
  • Sessions By Tapan Jha & Riddhi Soral
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Diploma In Cyber Security

  • 1 Year (Training) + 3 Month (Internship)
  • 30 Students per Batch 
  • 100% Placement Assistance
  • 100 Seats
  • Mentored By Tapan Jha & Riddhi Soral

Specialization In Cyber Security

  • 1.5 Month (Training) + 1.5 Month (Internship)
  • Live Doubt Classes
  • Recorded Video Lectures 
  • Trained By Tapan Jha & Riddhi Mam
  • Diploma Certificate

Why to Join Us?

12 Year Kids created Indian version of "Facebook"

12 year old 2 students of ASD academy classroom program created a social networking website which was known as Indian version of facebook “Friends Network”. Automatic verification of user details like email ID, mobile number provides more security than the Facebook website.

2nd Rank across India in "Cyber Forensic Solution provider"

ASD academy FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) cyber crime forensic investigation modules teaches students how to solve complex cyber crime cases and how to generate methodology for any investigation. For which ASD received 2nd rank in Top 10 Cyber Forensic Solution provider in India by Silicon India Magazine

Rajasthan government launched ASD academy created "Women safety mobile app"

ASD academy 16 year old students created a women safety mobile application which works on sensor and send automatic alerts on 5 registered number with continuous update on location details of each and every moment which was launched under the banner of Rajasthan government by Mr. Naresh Thakral (MD of National Health Mission, Rajasthan) and Mrs. Chandrakanta Meghwal (MLA).

17 year entrepreneur developed ERP software

17 year old student of ASD developed an ERP software for hotel, shop, business management which include stock management, orders, bills, daily transaction, etc. Total duration taken by the student to develop this ERP software under the guidance of our Programming HOD was 2 months and he sold out in more than 30+ hotels & restaurants.

Short Term Courses

Bug Hunter

Bug Hunter courses are designed for encompassing security  that equips free-hand security testers to discover potential bugs in applications and websites following advanced methodologies. 

Legal Advisor

Legal  course helps the students to provides legal advice to organizations. A legal advisor would assist with client contracts, draft legal documents and resolve disputes.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing course helps students to understand about the best marketing technique where people perform different conceptual techniques like SEO  and Web Analytics to reach their branding to a target audience and convert them as customers

Software Development

Software Development courses are designed to know the process of conceiving, specifying, designing, or any other activities that result in software products.

App Development

App Development courses deals with the processes of developing applications for mobiles, smart phones, tablets, etc. There is no eligibility to learn this course. but for the short term programs students must have basic knowledge of programming.

Cyber Security

Cyber Security courses are designed to provide students with a thorough understanding of the process of protecting computers, servers, mobile devices, digital systems, networks, and data/facilities from malicious attacks.

Networking Fundamentals

Networking course helps students to understand about the basics of computer network and how these devices are communicating with each other using wired and wireless network.

Web Development

Web development course helps the students to work involved in developing a website for the Internet (World Wide Web) or an intranet (a private network).

What you learn?

Mobile App Development

Apps and APK files, activities, fragments, views and viewgroups, layout xml files, intent, widgets, service, sensors

Digital Marketing

SEO, SMO, email marketing, mobile marketing, content marketing, conversion rate optimization, PPC, paid ads, analytics, strategic development.


Networking basic, cisco switch configuration, cisco router configuration, troubleshooting, network issues, configuration review, security, basic configuration

Software Development

login building, static mobile app, dynamic mobile apps

Cyber Security & Ethical Hacking

System security, network security, bug bounty, web app testing, server security, IT infra audits, VAPT, WAPT, Security testing.

Your learning outcome?

IT Jobs

You can work in any industry, IT graduate jobs pay well, Constant change, Work/life balance is good, Growth and Opportunity. There are very few industries that do not have an IT requirement. Industries who may not use IT in day to day operations will usually have support and admin services that will require computer use.


A unique growth opportunity, The best candidates aren't solely motivated by salary, The ability to get the most out of limited resources, The ability to learn, Diverse responsibilities, Added value and appreciation, Control over their role, A revolving door policy, Flexibility


Freedom of clients, control of workload, flexibility, exposure. In the 18-34 age group, 42% freelanced in 2018, compared to 38% in 2014. According Upwork’s “Freelancing in America” survey, 56.7 million Americans freelanced in 2018, up 3.7 million from 2014. That’s more than 1 in 3 people freelancing


flexibility, working in a team environment, using your problem solving skills daily, every day is different, exceptional training and on-boarding, continuous learning, big growth opportunities, no specific degree needed, exposure to a wide variety of clients, fun networking events.

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Online Coding & Cyber Security Classes for Students & Professionals

India’s top five IT services companies – Tata Consultancy Services(TCS), Infosys, HCL Technologies, Wipro and Tech Mahindra — are expected to account for more than 40% of the industry’s total recruitment in fiscal 2021. Even ecumenical corporations are set to hire more than 200,000 engineers and graduates in the next financial year. 

ASD academy professional training network trains IT students and professionals in logic engenderments, algorithm, engenderment, conception development, security imperfections, zero day exploits, programming bugs, manual testing, app development, etc. 

Cyber Cert: Adopting an FBI Investigation Methodology to Solve Cases within Five Days

Tapan Kr. Jha & Riddhi Soral, CEOs

Working on FBI Investigation methodology, the company offers high quality computer forensic investigation services to companies across the world, helping them investigate cyber frauds, data thefts, and other digital crimes.

Cybercrime is one of the biggest threats to humanity. Saving them from this discourse is an angel task. Working on FBI Investigation methodology to investigate cyber frauds, data thefts, and other digital crimes is Kota based Cyber Cert. The company stands tall as a reliable partner offering high-quality computer forensic investigation services. Backed by strong cyber crime experts and technology, the firm uniquely blends industry benchmarking, international standards, robust process review and decades of industry experience to provide cyber forensic analysis services.

Meet our IT Experts

ASD academy course curriculum is designed by the IT professionals from multinational companies. Curriculum is designed according to the IT industry requirement that helps students to get good jobs and they can also become entrepreneurs by joining our program.

Prashant Koranne

Atul Rajwade

SAP Consultant
Reliance Energy Limited

Kunal P.

Compliance Manager

Prashant Kate

Sr. IT Security Manager
European Games Operation Committee

Dhruv Bedekar

Sr. Consultant



Guransh Singh Keer

Aryan Rana



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एकाउंट हैकिंग से अब मिल सकती है राहत, अपनाने होंगे कुछ खास तरीके

लखनऊ. आपने अक्सर सुना होगा कि किसी का एकाउंट हैक कर लिया गया है। जानकारी और फोटो चोरी कर उसका गलत इस्तेमाल किया गया है, लेकिन आप यह नहीं जानते कि इन सबसे कैसे बचा जा सकता है। जानेंगे तो आप खुद कह उठेंगे कि अरे ये तो वाकई बड़ा आसान तरीका है। अभी तक हम इससे अंजान क्यों थे।

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Mr. Prashant Koranne

Chief Mentor at ASD Group

Fondly called as PK – Prashant Koranne is an avid “Sadhak” and follower of Shrimad Bhagwad Geeta. He holds a PhD in Rigveda and Shrimad Bhagvad Geeta , a Masters Degree in Rigveda (ऋग्वेद मार्तंड), MBA in Human Resource Management, Post Graduate Diploma in E Business and Finance, Certificate in Vedas, Upanishads & Vedanga, and numerous other qualifications in Technology and Cyber Security.
He has 25 plus years of overall experience in establishing and managing organizations in various capacities and teaching experience in the field of Cyber Security, Bhagwad Geeta etc.
He is currently the CEO of Second Quadrant Consulting Solutions, a pureplay cyber security company headquartered in Mumbai.
His core interest areas are mentoring and guiding students who want to pursue formal qualification in Vedic Traditional Knowledge and / or undertake research in similar areas.
PKs also serves as an advisor on Strategic Initiatives for multiple organizations.

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